Unleash your data

Proof Zero improves data quality and fidelity for better, cheaper, faster data science.

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Connect your data with confidence

Anyone can build data connectors, but not everyone can make data connect.

  • Mixer4x1
    Entity Resolution

    Break down data silos and unify your customer data with a consistent customer index.

  • Reverb
    Signal Discovery

    Subscribe to revenue, cost and risk signals relating to your unique customers to drive actions.

  • Sample and hold
    Delta Insights

    Turn your static categorical data into dynamic event streams for better AI/ML and forecasing models.

  • Investigate
    Customer Journey

    Attribute customer events and signals in a multi-dimensional customer view to predict customer behaviour.

  • Dcblocker
    Data Collaboration

    Enrich your customer data and provide a better customer experience by discovering data partnerships. 

  • Hipass
    Compliance Management

    Deploy quick integrations with partners and customers by using an interoperable consent solution. 

    Proof Zero In Action

    Proof Zero's solution and platform solves it's customers' hardest problems.

    • Datacollaboration

      Predictive ROI

      Discover data sharing partnerships on the Proof Zero platform and get to done fast with our simple consent management and data preparation solution. 

    • Robertevans360

      Revenue signals at your fingertips

      Proof Zero observes customer data to monitor for changes and subscribes resolved customer records to revenue, cost and risk signals. 

    • Clusters

      Finding your best future customers

      Proof Zero improves data quality by connecting data silos and cleaning up data lakes for deep visual insights about your existing customers.

    • Entity

      Introduce yourself to your customer

      Proof Zero's tools and algorithms identifies and assigns an consistent identifier to unique entities and raises data quality issues across entity fragments. 

    • Capture

      Repeatble Third-Party Engagements

      Proof Zero's data policy and data marshaling solution automatically manages authorization, consent, and data preparation so organizations can prevent data leaks, track provenance and always be compliant.

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      Reduce Overhead

      Systemitize compliance activities with machine assisted reporting and tooling for internal departments and external stakeholders.

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    Proof Zero Rescues Data Lakes

    Learn more how Proof Zero tools clean, connect, and control big data to accelerate return on investment and enable better, cheaper faster data science.

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